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Stephen Root as Jimmy James

Jimmy James is the eccentric billionaire station owner of WNYX. Despite owning a large corporate empire, he seems to enjoy micromanaging WNYX. He acts as a father figure towards his employees, often helping them learn life lessons. Recurring themes in the show are James's search for a wife and his considerable inside knowledge of conspiracies and government cover-ups; he claims to have been Deep Throat and is suspected to be the infamous plane hijacker D.B. Cooper. He frequently shows signs of being infatuated with Dave's mother. In the show's series finale Jimmy moves to New Hampshire and buys a news radio station and newspaper, taking most of the staff with him.

Jimmy often inserted himself into conversation, derails or confuses the others' discourse, and then says "I gotta' go," and abruptly leaves. He once pretended to want to start an internship in order to force Dave to take on his "normal nephew" Walt as an intern, and insisted that interns be known as "Rockin' Rangers of the Junior Jimmy Brigade." As it turns out, Mathew is already charter member Rockin' Ranger #1357a.

The character was named after the song Jimmy James by the Beastie Boys.

Played By...[]

Jimmy James is played by the actor Stephen Root. Root has gone on to voice Bubbles in Finding Nemo, Dick in American Dad  as well as Bill Dauterive in King of the Hill. He may be best known for his role as Milton Waddams in the cult classic, Office Space.